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Traffic Accident

Two days before is Mid-Autumn Day as shall be a pleasant feast to enjoy familial reunion and harmony. However in that day I almost touched the hell and luckily slided over the hell gate. Such thrill was bestowed by the estimable taxi driver. Did he really want to elevate me to the paradise? Maybe, basing on that I witnessed white-smoke-clouded atomosphere that is so like dreamt heaven.

When I lowered my head looking to my mooncake box , a sudden strike hit my forehead, which brought a transient of thorough blank to my brain. After a slice of unconsciousness I levered up my head , seeing the windscreen cracked, a massive of white smoke discharging continuously from the front cover of the car , AND the backside of the front microbus as was forcefully kissed by what I were then in! Might be paradise arrived, since we were immersed in the faery fog ? Hehe, at that time I thought “Even now I am not yet reach at the paradise , I will get there after an explosion, of which the smoke leak is just prelude!” Wioutout cerebration I opened the side door and ramped away the car!

Actually, nothing had happened. Since I am a person of forgiveness and I didn’t wound seriously, and I were in exigency of attending the family party for M-A day, I didn’t ask for compensation of accident. Maybe I were silly maybe not. Anyway , the driver couldn’t escape from the aftermath of his misconduct: he should repair his own car and recompense for that innocent, poor microbus.

Then, expectedly, the police, the owner of microbus, and our hero , who conduct a car running into a static object in a cannot-be-slower speed with his abnormal driving skill, started “a standing meeting” . Such meetings happen everyday and everywhere in a traffic-congestion-marked Shanghai. I really want to be enmeshed BY NO MEANS. Ok everyone, had a good meeting , yet absolutely not an absorbing one  to me.

On the table , I told the story , showing the slight scar on my left eye’s corner reaped from the experience.

“Why not demand compensation from that man?? You are so silly!” My sister shook her head, issuing a belated advise.

“Since no serious result happened and I were anxious to catch here , I gave up to get entangled with the light mishap, seeking a new taxi. ” I answered.



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Let rain down more violent storm

It has not rained for a long time.  Today a timely invasion of typhoon brings up a darling shower, which not only  cleans up the air , but also assuage my restless  soul .  Gale  foments the cloudburst meanwhile  downpour fosters  storm.  Sky and land now seem melted as a whole, emerging an unbelievable  spectacle .

 The consequential effect is by all means exciting news for the students clan,  for they are vouchsafed several hollidays ,  whereas even the omnipotent tempest  condescends to severe work discipline,  indicating an immense stradegy  for office workers,  for they must  brave the inclemency of naturual alliance  to please their bosses.

When I am to post the piece,  world welcomes a temperary tranquility.  Yet I know, it is not an endless calm, but the one preceding the storm.

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Sense Life

A week ago I was informed that my granddad had gotten critical ill,  such piece of awful news drived me to return my hometown  immediately.  Fortunately ,  his health was looking a little better when I saw him.  Yet an elder of weakness with a sequential of hard breathes by no means predicts a hopeful prospect as can truely assure us relatives.   A random  tour of wards with  witnesses  to those recumbent elders brought me the notion that  death without more ado might be better than eking  out a meagre life haunted with endless bodily uncomfort and pain.  When one luckily appears at the world ,   the foreordination of leaving the world  is unavoidable to the party. 

 On earth is it a human being’s woe or not?

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Hello, My World.

  It must be an opportune  moment to apply my irrepressable  impulsion of recording  my spiritual  journey  into a palpable form.  I choose here for tracing a stray world.

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